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what you do speaks so loudly that i cannot hear what you say.

sometimes you're the windshield, sometimes you're the bug.

9 May
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Credit -- CREDIT IS A MUST. if you FAIL to credit, you will be automatically BANNED. I put hard work into these icons to make them available to you for FREE, so the least you can do is mention my name. Giving credit is NON-NEGOTIABLE.

Comment -- Let the icon maker know that their work is appreciated. If you like what they’re creating, tell them so! It’ll only encourage more great work in the future. Also comment if you're taking icons to use in the future, and BE SPECIFIC (number 1, 3, 7.. etc.).

Requests -- I do NOT take random requests. However, customizations are different. Customizations consist of adding text to a base I already have, which you are more than welcome to do. Ask away, and I'll be happy to oblige. But do not join my journal just to ask me to make you stuff, because you will be deleted. Sometimes, I'll make a post indicating that I am taking requests, at which time you can comment on THAT POST ONLY. Furthermore, do not ask me for posting access. This is my journal, for icons I make.

Blinkies -- I DO NOT MAKE BLINKIES. EVER. I seldom make animated icons, and the most those will ever do is flash text or something. I do not enter the world of convulsion-inducing swirly, colorful, tacky, blinking, flashing icons. I blatantly refuse, so don't ask.

Don't Hotlink -- Hotlinking is the ultimate no-no, not just in icon making, but across the net. Bandwidth always comes at a cost – whether it is being paid for or not. If it is paid for, than you might as well be stealing money out of the person’s pocket. If it’s not paid for, then there is probably a set limit in which the images will no longer appear once the limit is reached. What good is sharing if you can’t even see what’s up for sharing?

Don't Steal -- Obviously. If you did not make an icon, DON’T SAY THAT YOU DID. It’s that simple.

LiveJournal ONLY -- These icons/headers are to be used for LiveJournal ONLY. No GreatJournal, no Blurty, LiveJournal. period.

My "Bases" -- When labled as a "base", you've got permission to add text and do whatever you want with it, I don't mind. I would prefer credit for it, but it's not absolutely necessary. After all, all I basically did was cut the image out and stick a border around it. However, links to this page are always appreciated! Furthermore, if you would like me to add text for you, leave a comment and I'll do my best!

AGE LIMIT -- Okay, no, there's no age limit. But if I'm lookin through your info/journal and see shit like "OMGZ!!!!111 i LLUUUUVVV SiMpLE PLaN!!!" or you just seem INSANELY immature, I will NOT ADD YOU. I don't want stupid little immature bullshit in my journal. Maybe I'm just a bitch, but guess what? It's my journal and I can be that way. Deal with it. also; MILLIONS OF COLORBARS irritate me. "so-and-so is LOVE" is retarded and it annoys me. i'd apologize, but frankly, i don't care. so if you have more than, say, 2, don't bother.

One more thing... -- (Beginning 8.24.04) In order to be added, you must request a song for me to download/listen to (idea courtesy of glown. otherwise, your comment will be deleted and you will be banned. also, add me first. if i go to add you and i'm not even on your friends list, what's the point of adding you? it wastes space for potential members who are apparently more interested.

(some rules borrowed from teh_indy)



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